About Outreach

Founded in 2004, Outreach Management Services specializes in providing strategy, organisational development, training, fundraising, project management and mentoring support to third sector groups across the UK and Africa. In addition to our  unique services, which are based on our extensive knowledge of the needs of the voluntary sector, we also have a deep understanding of the needs of Black and Minority Ethnic groups and communities.

As charity consultants we aim to provide our clients with the support and expertise they need to attain their goals.  Outreach offers services that promotes growth and successful implementation of projects and programmes. We have the ability to work with groups on a variety of initiatives ranging from short to long term basis. Outreach inspires clients to turn their vision into reality through sustained working relationship.

Outreach Management Services has worked with many organisations, and helped them to become more stable and able to deliver effectively to their constituents, through simple and flexible approach and positive engagement with clients. We have recently repositioned and re-branded our company to enable us to provide better and unrivalled services to aid our clients development.

Our Promise

Outreach Management Services is very determined to continue to empower organisations to look forward to a fulfilling future, by developing their potentials for sustainable growth, and attainment of their goals.


Outreach Management Service has recently won an award from the Indigenous  Businesses Forum,  for exceptional work in providing leadership and outstanding excellence in community development and empowerment.


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